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Spiritual Journey Awakenings


Reiki Master Teacher, Chironic Healing Therapist, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Faith Healer. Silva Method graduate and Silva Ultra Seminar graduate.

About Sandra


Sandra is a Reiki Master Teacher and former Priestess / Teacher with the Temple of the Four Winds. She has over 30 years experience with meditation and has been doing Energy work for the past 26 years. Some of the modalities she uses in addition to Reiki are Chironic Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing and Pranic Healing. She is also a certified Faith Healer.

She has been reading Tarot cards for 50 years and performing Reiki Regression for 20 years.

She is highly intuitive and started having visions at age 5. She spent a short period of time being a medium. She loves what she does, and she feels the Esoteric Life chose her, not the other way around.

Member of The Reiki Healing Association.

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Spiritual Journey Awakenings is a sacred space for people to find their spirit, heal their life and learn

new techniques and information. Owner, Sandra Alevras (Sandee), is a conduit for facilitating

change and creating sacred space to enhance learning, sharing and healing.